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PS3 In 2005?

Release dates are very important factors when it comes to a console’s success. Microsoft thinks that the release of the Xbox, one year behind that of the PS2, was one of the major contributing factors to its number two status. Part of their bid for the number one spot is moving up the release date to this fall, ahead of the competition by half a year or more.

In a surpise statement, Sony Chief Financial Officer Takao Yuhara says that “For the year end sales season, simultaneously building up both the PlayStation Portable system in America and Europe as well as the next generation PlayStation is one option that we have.” Personally, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. For one, Sony has said that the PS3 use Blu-ray drive technology, which hasn’t even been finalized yet. (I don’t think Sony would be stupid enough to put a Blu-ray drive in the PS3 that’s incompatible with consumer stand-alone Blu-ray players.) Also, it’s questionable whether or not the Cell processor will be done in time. And third, there’s just not enough information on the console available yet to suggest it is in a state of readiness.

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