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Did Sony Impress Me?

[Update: I forgot to mention! 1080p support, on two displays at the same time! Sony better upgrade their Qualias to accept this]

PS3In a previous post, I was quite enthusiastic about the Xbox 360. Now, as a diehard PS2 owner, this was a hard thing for me to do. Loyalty and all that. But when the facts are staring me in the face, I admit them. And admit them I did. The Xbox 360 is shaping up to be quite a console. At the end of the post I told Sony that now it was their turn: impress me.

Did they?

And here’s my answer: yes and no. Wait! Just bear with me.


On a purely hardware front, yes they did. The machine looks nice. It’s sleeker looking than the Xbox 360, but I still haven’t decided if it looks better. And the guts of the machine are quite impressive. Nestled at the bottom of IGN’s Tech Specs page was the note that the included Blu-ray drive will support not just BD-ROM and BD-Video (first I’ve heard of that one), but also BD-R and BD-RE. It would be cool if the PS3 could not only read these discs, but write them. I wonder… The PS3 also has SACD support! Coooool. Of course it includes the Cell processor, which we all know is gonna wipe the competition. Bluetooth 2.0, USB, Wi-Fi, Memory Stick, HDD, up to 7 wireless controllers, and more. Quite impressive. But I gotta say the controller looks stupid. So, on the hardware side, Sony has definitely come up with a winner. A great machine, in every way the match of the Xbox 360, maybe even surpassing it, though we’ll have to wait for real world results before we can settle this one for sure.


On the software side they haven’t shown their hand yet, so I have to say ‘no’. And by software I don’t mean the games. The games look impressive enough (from what little we’ve seen). What I mean is the supporting software. Microsoft has Xbox Live, in-game ripped music, Media Player capabilities, and the like. What have we seen on this side of things from Sony? Nothing so far. So while the answer is ‘no’, it could still change to a ‘yes’ once all these details become known.

So that leaves me with one more thing to say to Sony: impress me more.

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