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Xbox 360 Might Make Me a Convert

Xbox 360I own an PS2. Todd owns an Xbox and Steve has a GameCube. Every Thursday we have a games night and we rotate whose place we play at (Joshua doesn’t have a system so we play board games there). The most fun I ever have playing video games is playing games with friends. The only time my PS2 ever gets used is when my friends come over. But I’ve always been rather proud of the PS2. A couple of the very favourite games we play are on my PS2. (Frequency, F1, and Champions of Norrath, in case you’re interested).

I’ve always assumed that once the new consoles come out, Todd would get the new Microsoft offering and Steve would buy Nintendo’s. Of course I would get the PS3. But I’m having second thoughts…

The Xbox 360 looks very nice. Physically it looks okay – that’s not what I’m talking about. Just check out some of what Microsoft is doing with this thing. Being able to play my own music in video games is a great idea. Now it will automatically work in ALL games. My taste in music runs contrary to the mainstream (I like symphonic metal, progressive rock, etc) so it’ll be nice to be able to listen to some good tunes while twisting through Europe’s streets in Project Gotham Racing 3. (PGR2 is my favourite racing game. And it’s on the Xbox. Doh!) Every game will be Xbox Live enabled. And even more of a deal-clincher for me, every game will support HDTV.

Now, truth be told, I expect that the PS3 will be technically superior to the Xbox 360. I fully expect the Cell processor to trounce the PowerPC based Xbox 360. And the nVIDIA graphics chip might even be better than the ATI’s, though I’m just guessing here. But will Sony be able to put together the big picture that Microsoft so obviously has this time around? Everything about the Xbox 360 seems to have been thought out from beginning to end. Every little detail, every bit and every byte, has been thought through. What will make the absolute best gaming experience? Microsoft has thought about it and made sure it’s in the Xbox 360.

So I have just one thing left to say to Sony: impress me.