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PS3 OS: Linux

PS3Now, I’ve never been much of a Linux fan. I’ve had to use the system and develop on it, and other UNIX’s as well, and I was never really a fan of them. Still not. Too much of a hassle. Give me a Mac or Windows machine any day. But I was curious about what OS the PS3 was running and it turns out that it’s probably Linux! Not a big surprise, but I’m sure that all you Linux-lovers out there will get a kick out of it. Now it’s not for sure, because this developer may be talking about a development system and not the PS3, but maybe he wasn’t:

Sony’s cell demos were extremely cool and inspiring but are totally achievable, and over time even surpassable, by third developers like us because, as Tim Sweeney said, the development environment is made up of parts we’re already intimately familiar with: OpenGL, NVIDIA graphics, Linux, and PowerPC. Think about Epic’s experience, for example. We rock on NVIDIA hardware. We have been doing OpenGL since Unreal 1. We regularly ship our games on Linux and we’ve won several Macintosh Game of the Year awards including a special World-Wide Design Award directly from Apple for UT2004. We’re going to be able to kick serious ass on PS3, and so are a lot of our licensees and other 3rd party developers, in a way that wasn’t remotely possible on past consoles.

Certainly seems to suggest Linux, doesn’t it?

Link: PS3.IGN.COME3 2005: Epic Says PS3 Footage Achievable