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PS3 Won’t Launch First in Japan?

PS3Traditionally, Sony introduces a new video game system in Japan first, then half a year or more later they introduce it to other markets and so on. It happened with the PS1, PS2, and PSP. Now with the HDTV-capable PS3, it seems that they are considering other options.

SCEA boss Kaz Hirai “dismissed rumours that Sony has already decided to follow the console’s Japanese launch with a US release in the autumn, telling the CNBC network: “We haven’t determined which territory we will go with first this time around just yet.”

“We will have to look at development and how things are coming along in terms of manufacture and all the other logistical things to determine which territory or multiple territories go first.”

Which could of course mean a simultaneous worldwide launch, as Microsoft has planned for Xbox 360 this November.

It would be nice for a change if those of us in North America could get this console right away instead of having to wait for it. Part of what is probably driving Sony in this direction, of course, is the Xbox 360. They want to minimize the lead it has, because it’s being introduced in November of this year. The longer it has the next-gen marketplace to itself, the harder it gets for Sony to reclaim the number one spot. Sony is starting off in position number two, so it’ll be interesting to watch if and when they’ll take the crown from Microsoft.

Link: EurogamerPS3 to launch first outside Japan?