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More PS3 Details

PS3In an interview with Impress PC Watch, Ken Kutaragi, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, says that the HDTV-capable PS3 is an entertainment center.

“Users will be able to store their content in an online storage server called the ‘Cell Storage.’ And the Cell processor, when it’s not being used, can refine the content’s quality. We call it the ‘aging’ process. For example, users can ‘age’ their Standard Definition (SD) video and up-convert it to High Definition (HD) video. We have many plans [for the PS3], but this ‘Cell Storage’ service is something that we definitely intend to launch. By using the Cell’s security feature, users will be able to rip DVDs that include copyright protection and lay it in the storage area to refine its video quality.”

As well, Sony is definitely not forgetting online gaming, an interview with the Seattle Times reveals. Sony’s Kaz Hirai pointed out that there are more online game players using the PS2 than any other platform.

So those bring out specific challenges that we need to work through, and to also bring out a comprehensive online program from Day 1 as opposed to a program that gets changed every two months or what have you. I would much rather wait to make sure we have something that we are happy with, that the publishing community is happy with, and put it out even if that means that it takes a bit longer than people expect.

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In other PS3 news, Midway plans to support the PS3 at launch time, but not the Xbox 360. This doesn’t, however, preclude them from supporting the Xbox 360 later on.

Speaking to, Zucker said that Midway’s intention for the moment is to balance current generation and next generation development – but that while “we’re certainly going to have games for the launch of the PS3, we don’t have any games for the launch of the Xbox 360.”

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And finally, there are rumours going around that the PS3 may initially sell for the same price as the PS2 and PS1 did when they were released – about $368USD.

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