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PS3 Dev Kits Running Low

PS3Kutaragi admits that they’re running low on PS3 development kits:

Speaking to Japanese news outlet Jiji News, Kutaragi admitted that he was having trouble manufacturing the kits, used by developers to design and build PS3 games and the first true indication of the console’s power, and that he expected a shortage to take hold soon.

However, Kutaragi did say that he had already shipped out over 100 PS3 dev units to developers and publishers in the last few weeks. The dev kits have gone to America, Japan and Europe.

Now, you can view this as a good thing or a bad thing. On the positive side, it means that more people are buying the development kits than they had anticipated. (I hope! I certainly don’t want to think that they knew this would happen and didn’t plan for it!) But on the negative side, it means that people out there that needs the kits won’t get them. And frankly, this far outweighs the positive. Sony needs to get their act together and get the kits out there to whoever needs them, and fast!

Link: CVGPS3 Dev Kits Running Low