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No HD on Revolution

RevolutionIn what is sure to be a blow to my friend Steve (though just a little one, he’s quite stoic by nature), Nintendo has confirmed that the Revolution will not support HD.

Mrs. Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s vice president of corporate affairs, says:

Nintendo doesn’t plan for the system to be HD compatible as with that comes a higher price for both the consumer and also the developer creating the game. Will it make the game better to play? With the technology being built into the Revolution, we believe the games will look brilliant and play brilliantly. This can all be done without HD.

This is in stark contrast to Sony and Microsoft, who are both touting the HD capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 even has the ability to put out video at 1080p, and has two HDMI connectors. This all comes at a cost that Nintendo doesn’t want their customers to pay. Personally, I have an HDTV and want HD content for it, so if I would have previously been considering buying the Revolution, this would have taken it off the short list.

My GameCube-owning friend Steve said “Without HD support, the Revolution will still be on my short list but probably not at the top. I think that decision puts this console at a definite disadvantage compared to the others.”

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