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PS3 Being Sped to Market?

the Inquirer managed to procure some more details about the PS3’s graphics chip, the RSX by nVidia. It’ll have 300 million transistors, the most ever for a graphics chip. It’ll be clocked at 550MHz and will be made at 90nm. Hmmm… haven’t we heard all this before?

But the juicy tidbit is near the end:

The evidence is that Sony speeded up its plans as it’s focused to bring its Playstation 3 in spring while its original plan was to have this console ready for Yule 2006. It has to fight the XboX360 console which is likely to become available in October, already.

Sony is a nasty hard player and won’t give up without a scrap.

I hope that in their plans to rush the PS3 to market to combat the Xbox 360 they don’t leave anything out. This machine really deserves to be done right. How many compromises will be made by this rush? In software or in hardware, or both? Is this rumour even true?

Link: the InquirerPlaystation 3 RSX graphic details exposed