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Xbox 360 - December in Japan

Gamasutra is reporting that the release date for the Xbox 360 in Japan is being narrowed down.

The Xbox 360 has received a more concrete release date in Japan, according to comments made by Microsoft Japan’s Yoshihiro Maruyama. Maruyama says that December is the target month for a Japanese launch, which would bring it out in time for the Christmas season there. The console still has no set release date in the U.S.: though representatives have said that the system is due for a “holiday” release, there are only unofficial reports tying the 360’s American launch to a November date. Maruyama’s comments on the 360’s Japanese launch stemmed from his statement on the system’s chances in Japan, where he said he thought it could do well: “We will release our console earlier [than the PlayStation 3], and we have significantly focused on game software and a design targeted towards Japan.”

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He also revealed that there once considered using one Cell processor as the main processor, and another for the graphics GPU. But that idea was tossed.

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