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MGS4 is PS3 Only

The Metal Gear Solid series of games are quite popular, though I’ve never really gotten into them. I’ve played one of them, though I don’t know which. The first one for the PS2. It was fun, but I much prefer multiplayer games. Hey! A multiplayer Metal Gear, now that sounds like fun! Cooperative, of course. Mmmm… I think I’m getting a little off track.

Anyway, the MGS games are the killer games for the PS2, and being exclusive for the PS3 is a big boost for Sony. MGS will draw people to the PS3 like few other games could. And with the strength of the Xbox 360, Sony needs all the help they can get.

Speaking to Famitsu, Hideo Kojima, the famed game designer, revealed he has no plans to bring the Metal Gear Solid series to any next-generation platform other than Sony’s PlayStation 3.

“Metal Gear Solid 4 is only scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 at the current time,” he told the Japanese game magazine. “Of course we could port it to other consoles, but doing so would require additional staff and research and development costs. If I were to make games for the Xbox 360 or the [Nintendo] Revolution, I’d rather create original titles that match each console’s audience, instead of the Metal Gear Solid series.”

Link: GamespotMGS4 to be PS3-exclusive