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No HDMI or DVI for 360

In an interview with Todd Holmdahl, Corporate Vice President of the Xbox Product Group at Microsoft, team XBOX found out some interesting things. I’ve broken up discussion of this interview into several posts so that there is one post per topic.

One interesting thing is that the 360 will only have native composite and component outputs. Aftermarket cables will support s-video, enhanced SCART RGB, and VGA. Mr. Holmdahl say they’ll support HDMI when it makes sense, but that you don’t need HDMI for HD gaming. Which, you know, is true. But seeing as the 360 is a digital source for HD content, I think that a digital connection to the HDTV would be much preferable to an analog one, especially if the HDTV is digital too (no DA conversion would be necessary). For me personally this isn’t a big issue – my HDTV is a Hitachi CRT. But I’m sure that there are lots of people who might be a little miffed.

Link: team XBOXXbox 360 Interview: Todd Holmdahl