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Xbox 360 may use HD-DVD Eventually

[Update 29jun05: Tom’s Hardware and PlayFeed are two among many to comment on this announcement. PlayFeed wonders at the wisdom of splitting the 360 userbase, while Tom’s Hardware suggests that the next-gen blue laser format might be fought out by the consoles.]
[Update 28jun05: I was reading about this on CVG and three words popped out at me: “or something else”. I guess Mr. Gates is leaving his options open. If Sony could scoop the 360 to use Blu-ray drives, now that would be something!]

Microsoft and Toshiba are strengthening their ties. At the joint press conference announcing such, Bill Gates revealed that the Xbox 360 may support HD-DVD in later releases of the console.

It begs the question: where does this leave users of the original 360’s sold without the HD-DVD? Or does it matter? Will developers start releasing games in HD-DVD format, or will HD-DVD just be a bonus feature for watching HD movies? If the former, will developers release their titles in two formats to support both kinds of 360’s? If the latter, will it cost extra, and where will it leave original 360 owners? Will they get a discount to upgrade to the improved 360?

So many questions, so few answers.

Link: team XBOXXbox 360 Might Incorporate HD DVD Drive


  1. My only problem with all these HD DVD rumors on 360 is that it only has component out. Currently DVD makers aren’t even allowed to upscale to 720p or 1080i without either DVI or HDMI with HDCP included. I can’t believe MS would be allowed to output HD quality material on component with no protection. This just doesn’t make sense.

  2. True enough, but Microsoft has said that they might add HDMI in the future “when it makes sense”. And it makes a lot of sense to add HDMI when HD-DVD gets added to the 360. See: