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Microsoft Lines up Japanese Developers

[Update 01jul05: and even more developers]

Xbox Japan boss Yoshihiro Maruyama says that up to eight locally developed titles will greet the 360’s launch in Japan. We all know that the Xbox sold poorly in Japan. Very poorly. So this time around, in their bid to conquer everything, Microsoft is counting on some local talent to woo the Japanese.

In an interview published in the current issue of Famitsu, Maruyama said he expects that Japan will see a “good lineup” of titles at launch–somewhere in the double-digit range. He added that seven or eight will be Japanese-developed games.

Maruyama also confirmed that a few of the launch games will be first-party games produced by Microsoft Japan. He declined to specify if games from noted Japanese game developers Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Hironobu Sakaguchi, or Yoshiki Okamoto–designers already committed to delivering 360 titles–will be among the launch games.

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