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Cars that Go Voom VOOM

A coworker of mine took the new Audi A3 for a test drive and he was quite impressed. The power and handling in the rain was fantastic. He’s also smitten with how good the car looks. Personally, I’m not a big fan of hatchbacks, but it’s still a great car. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a ride like this anytime soon, so the closest I get is a game like Need for Speed.

I took a look at the Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer today and it looks mighty fine. I’m a big fan of racing games, especially four-player ones. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what this one can do, and it better be four-player. Todd, you listening? I hope you buy this one. Although the trailer showed lots of flying and not so much driving, it did get to show off some great environments this way. The movement of the cars near the end of the trailer looked a little off, but hopefully they’ll fix that for the final release. EA is releasing this game in the fall for the Xbox 360, and I can only hope it’ll make its way to the PS3 as well. Given EA’s track record, this is quite likely.

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Project Gotham Racing 2 is my favourite racing game, and it’s on the Xbox. Bizarre Creations is hard at work on PGR3 for the 360, and has a couple amazing screenshots to show off.

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