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PS3 Linux

Sony, IBM, and Toshiba have ported Linux to the Cell processor. IBM’s developerWorks has published a detailed article about the port. Sony’s Kutaragi has said that the PS3’s HDD will come with Linux installed. That way the PS3 will be recognized as a computer. I think that’s for red tape purposes getting machines across borders, if I remember correctly.

Back to Linux. I don’t like it. It’s too much like Unix. I’ve had to use Linux, and develop on Linux, and it was not a pleasant experience. Linux is antagonistic to people named Henning. Just installing software is often a chore. One of the few things I liked about using Linux is WindowMaker. WindowMaker mimics NextSTEP, the OS developed by Steve Jobs, bought by Apple, and morphed into Mac OS X. Too bad I came home with bruises and lacerations on the day I installed it.

That said, if you don’t try anything fancy Linux can be tolerable. And just for the geekiness factor I think it would be cool to give PS3 Linux a try. I hope when the time comes it’ll have been improved since the last time I used it. Since my PS3 will be hooked up to my HDTV, when I download a trailer for a game or movie, I’ll be able to watch it nicely on my home theater instead of on my 19″ monitor. I’ll also… um… well… there must be something else Linux is good for. But I’m drawing a blank.

I just hope it runs WindowMaker. – Cell Linux port heads for mainstream kernel tree