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Debunking GTA and 360 Licensing

The other day a screenshot appears purporting to be from the next-gen Grand Theft Auto game. I didn’t report on it then because it was unsubstantiated and just a bit hard to believe. But now I can tell you: it’s a fake. So if you’re a GTA freak, you can take that picture down now.

As well, there were reports that Microsoft may be licensing the 360’s software so that others could make the console. This, too, turned out to be an erroneous report.

So there you go. With all the anticipation for the next generation consoles, it’s easy to see why reports like these can surface. Easy, and amusing. Enough for a chuckly at least.

Link: EuroGamerNext-gen GTA screen fake
Link: GamespotMicrosoft torpedoes third-party Xbox 360 reports

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