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Revolution behind Other Consoles?

Nintendo man Satoru Iwata said “There is no possibility that the Revolution’s launch will fall behind by too much, but there might be some small changes [in its release schedule].” This in response to shareholder questions about Nintendo lagging behind Sony and Microsoft in the next-gen console war.

So what’s he saying here? Not much really. Just that, at the latest, the Revolution won’t be that far behind the PS3. But what about the earliest? Or the middlest? Just from their state of preparedness at E3, Nintendo is third in line behind Microsoft and Sony. But who knows, really? Nintendo is being very secretive about their Revolution plans, and they may be holding some surprises in reserve. (Hopefully one of them is to change their minds about HD support.)

In the meantime, much is being made of this statement that’s almost a non-statement. Nothing new here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move on.

Link: GamespotRevolution to launch post-PS3?

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