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Allard, Hype, and Piracy

The Globe and Mail has an interview with Microsoft’s J Allard. Mr. Allard sometimes emitted some pretty fun statements like “What is Xbox 360 all about? It’s not about building a bad-ass, hardcore gaming console. It’s about creating living entertainment experiences powered by humanity.” Whoa. Powered by humanity. I hope he doesn’t mean in a Matrix-we-are-batteries kind of way. But you gotta like his enthusiasm, especially when it comes to people connected via the internet and 360: “You can be watching Lord of the Rings. I can be playing Perfect Dark Zero. We can both have headsets on and have a conversation with each other.” Uh, right. I don’t really see that happening a lot. Getting together with friends, either online or in person, is about sharing an experience. What experience are you sharing if one of you is watching a movie and the other is playing a game? But maybe if you replace “Lord of the Rings” with “browsing forums to find ways to conquer the next boss in Perfect Dark Zero” you may have something.

When asked about hacking the Xbox, Mr. Allard immediately started talking about piracy. Unfortunately, piracy is one of the main reasons for hacking a game console. But the two don’t have to go hand in hand. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying your money for a console, bringing it home, and modifying it. You paid your money, so you get to do with it what you want. But stealing games, other software, or any kind of content is wrong. Of course, also has a problem with the correlation between hacking and piracy, and recently wrote two articles about it, one relating to the interview.

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