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Like Cats and Dogs

In the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, they put a couple scrappers into the ring for an interview. Sony’s Kaz Hirai, Microsoft’s J Allard, and Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime all had something to say. I haven’t read the interview yet, but CVG talks about it a bit.

Kaz Hirai said “We put more technology into our system than the competitors, and we’ve designed it to do more things.” I don’t know what he meant by “more things”, but I’ve been wondering recently about the PS3’s media center capabilities, and wonder if that’s what he meant.

J Allard thinks that Sony is copying them: “I think Sony is reacting to what we are doing.” As I said, I haven’t read the interview, so I don’t know what he’s talking about, and trying to think something up was a fruitless endeavour.

Hirai said that you’d be able to access your PS3 wirelessly from your PSP, even from around the world. I don’t know why you’d want to, but I’m sure they can think of a reason.

Then Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Game Studios, pulled a nifty tag-team move with Allard. “We have an enormous advantage over Sony in the online sector with Xbox Live and we will further invest in it and develop it,” he said.

Now that’s something that Sony does need to respond to. Lots of the other stuff about the 360 is stuff the PS3 can match, but Xbox Live is definitely cool and definitely something Sony needs to counter. I don’t know what Sony has in mind, but it better be good.

And when it came to pricing Reggie said that the Revolution would undercut the other two players. A little while ago when Nintendo cut the price of the GameCube, it really spurred sales. If Nintendo can significantly undercut the PS3 and 360 in price, then maybe it’ll do a lot better than lots of people are expecting.

Link: CVGThe Next-Gen Knives are Out… Again

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