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360’s DVD Brings Anxiety to Japanese Devs

It looks like the DVD format to be used by the Xbox 360 may not be enough after all. Team Ninja chief Tomonobu Itagaki has said that the 360’s DVD format “brings a bit of anxiety” since Japanese developers prefer long prerendered cutscenes over realtime ones. This requires more disc space.

“The screen resolution for Xbox 360 games will be in high definition, so the prerendered movies are going to be pretty large,” commented Itagaki.

“If we encoded the Dead or Alive 4 trailer from E3 in high definition in a quality acceptable to us, it will easily be about 2GB.” (Xbox 360 DVDs will hold 9GB of data.)

“With DOA4, we’ll be using the disc’s capacity to its full extent. We started development on DOA4 pretty early, and we didn’t know what disc format the Xbox 360 was going to adopt. So when we learned about it, we were really knocked out.”

He also noted that the 360 has good middleware and infrasture, making it easier to develop for. If you’re just using one core that is. Using multiple cores will make it more difficult for developers, and this will be a problem for the PS3 as well.

Link: gameindustry.bizDead or Alive creator criticises Xbox 360 disc format

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