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Early Start No Guarantee

In the “duh, well…” department, TechNewsWorld has an article about how being the first to market is no guarantor of success. Citing the Atari Jaguar as an example, Jay Horwitz from Jupiter Research says that being “first mover is never an automatic”. And when asked about the 360, Sony likes to mention the Sega Saturn Dreamcast, which went to market before the PS2. We all know who won that race.

So at first you may think that in putting such a high priority on being first, Microsoft may have left something on the table. But I don’t think so. They seem to be executing their 360 plans very well. All ducks lined up and all that. They’ve built a wonderful piece of hardware kit. They’re getting the software support they need. And they’re trying really hard to crack the Japanese market, though that doesn’t seem to be working quite yet.

So Sony better not be complacent this time around, they have some tough competition. But this time the competition will be first and strong.

Link: TechNewsWorldXbox 360’s Early Start No Guarantee of Victory