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PS3 Dev Costs no so Bad

Much has been made of the high costs of developing software for the next generation of consoles. For example, Tameem Antoniades from Ninja Theory said “Kung Fu Chaos took about four to eight people three months to prototype. Heavenly Sword took 22 people nine months to prototype not including the professional actors, musicians and Foley artists. It’s getting crazy.”

But if you’re working on a title that is tied to a film, it may not be so bad. At least according to Jon Burton, Traveller’s Tales’ CEO. Traveller’s Tales is working on the video game adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia. Here’s what Jon Burton has to say:

“Imagine if Disney made another Narnia film in three years’ time and we made the PS3 version. We could just get the movie assets and plug them into the game – suddenly we can use the same model that they built for the movie.

“EA are busy saying that developers would need 500 people to make a game and that it would be too expensive for everyone but them. But when you start tying in with movie studios that are making these assets anyway it becomes much more affordable. It makes real sense.”

I certainly hope it works out this way – if it really costs as much to make PS3 or 360 games as EA is saying, that might mean fewer titles for us to enjoy. But not all games are tied to a movie, so more work needs to be done to make it easier for developers, including better tools and support.

Link: gamesradar.comPS3 development costs not astronomical?