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Microsoft Signs Marvel for MMO

I still remember picking up issue 316 of Amazing Spider-Man to see Venom and Spider-Man battle it out. I was never really into comics too much before that, but this comic was awesome. Venom was a perfect villain and foil for Spider-Man, having all the same powers and negating Spider-Man’s spider-sense. Plus he was bigger, stronger, and knew Spider-Man’s secret identity. Too cool. All drawn by Todd McFarlane. I’ve since been a big fan of Spider-Man and have always preferred Marvel over DC.

Marvel and Microsoft have made a massively multiplayer online gaming deal. And an exclusive one at that, so Sony’s PS3 won’t be getting MMO Spider-Man even though it uses the font from the Spider-Man 2 movie. This doesn’t mean the PS3 won’t get any Spider-Man or Marvel characters, just that they won’t be in MMO form. But if you’re an eventual Xbox 360 purchaser eagerly awaiting the fruition of this agreement, don’t wait too long. It will be at least 2008 before any game will be released.

So Sony signs DC and Microsoft signs Marvel. Funny how things work out like that. I wonder which game will be better. I like Marvel better, but the PS3 better. Must. Stay. Sane. Aaarrrgh!

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