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No Comments Interviews Kaz Hirai interviewed Kaz Hirai, and some interesting things came out. I know this interview is a little old, but I thought I should still cover it.

Kaz Hirai said that Sony wants to make their online strategy as encompassing as possible. They want PS2, PSP, and PS3 support in there, making a homogeneous solution for all of them: “I want to make sure it’s a comprehensive online program as opposed to ‘here’s something for the next six months.'” Does Sony have an answer to Xbox Live? Mr. Hirai doesn’t really say much there either, except that to say that air conditioning used to be a luxury in cars but is now expected, somewhat like online in games. Thanks, Kaz. On browsing the web using the PS3 Mr. Hirai was also unclear. He said that web browsing on a conventional TV wasn’t all that great, but that doing so on an HDTV was much more feasible. Uh… okay. Nothing new there.

On the point of including a HDD he was vague. Thanks again. The controller from E3 will be basically what you get. At least he was a little more clear on that one. On the topic on mandatory HD support from software publishers, Mr. Hirai says Sony is still undecided.

So all in all, a pretty useless interview. Maybe that’s why I didn’t post about it to begin with, but I’ve seen some coverage, so I wanted to be complete.

Link: 1up.comInterview: Kaz Hirai