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Rambus Thinks PS3 will Lead PCs

Rambus is behind the high-speed graphics memory to be used in the PS3. Accoding to Rambus’ chief, the PS3’s perfomance will cause people to take notice:

Memory technology developer Rambus hopes the widely-anticipated graphics performance of the upcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console will push PC makers to adopt the company’s technology, Rambus CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Harold Hughes said in an interview last week.

But some people don’t take too kindly to Rambus’ strong-arm tactics:

Competing high-end GDDR3 (Graphics Double Data Rate 3) memory chips run half as fast at 1.6GHz.

Unlike GDDR3, which is based on industry-standard DRAM technology, Rambus’ XDR technology is proprietary and that could hinder its adoption in the marketplace, according to Kim Soo-Kyoum, program director for semiconductor research at market research company IDC.

If memory chip makers want to produce XDR chips they will have to pay royalties to Rambus, something many of them will be reluctant to do, Kim said.

Link: ARNnetRambus believes PS3 will drive faster memory