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Ken Kutaragi Interview about Cell

We’ve seen several interviews about the PS3 and also about the Cell processor. In EE Times’ interview, Mr. Kutaragi places a particular emphasis on the Cell’s general-purpose computer abilities.

EET: Then the Cell processor was conceived for gaming?
Kutaragi: No, it is for computing-but I wanted to change the concept of computers. The name of our company is Sony Computer Entertainment; I wanted to merge computer technology and entertainment. It may be regarded as game applications for the time being, but I wanted to realize the day when “computer entertainment” would mean all such entertainment applications, including games.

Mr. Kutaragi also mentioned how previously, PS1 and PS2 developers had to write code close to the metal to get the performance they wanted. But with the Cell, things are different.

Cell is not like that. Application programs can no longer directly access the hardware; instead they will have to be written in high-level, object-oriented language. That was done for security reasons: If processors of high performance and wide bandwidth like the Cell were linked together without sufficient security, a worldwide system crash could occur with one attack.

EET: Game applications require real-time processing. Might the multilayered structure cause a problem for games?
Kutaragi: We are real-time game developers, so all necessary schemes-such as resource allocation, priority setting and preemptive control in a multithread environment-have been taken into consideration.

Link: Electronic Engineering TimesFor PS3’s creator, this isn’t a game