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PlayStation Meeting Rumours

psinext has some totally unfounded, impossible to verify, probably-making-this-up kind of rumours about what may be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Meeting.

These rumours are fun, so I’m gonna take some of them seriously for a moment.

1. “Sony will announce a ‘value bundle’ for the PS3 that includes a hard drive, similar in concept to the PSP’s Value Pack”

Hey, didn’t I suggest that? Mayhaps I did. And a great idea it is.

2. ” Japanese and United States PS3 launches to be simultaneous in late Spring of 06; Europe and Australia to see launch in Fall.”

By “United States” they probably mean us Canadians too, that’s how it usually goes. Good news for me. Not so good for my German relatives. But I don’t think they care about the PS3 anyway.

3. Resident Evil series being developed on PS3 and PSP.

I don’t like these kind of games. But I have to admit that Resident Evil would be good for the PS3, being as popular as it is.

4. PS3 and PSP will use the same online network

Nothing new there.

5. PS3 titles will not be playable at the Tokyo Game Show; a seperate event may be planned for later in order to showcase playable titles

Only a little bit disappointing.

6. Sony wishes to spend less money securing exclusive titles and is pursuing a strategy of improving development tools instead

Aha! The mother lode! This is sweet news. I hope it’s true. The PS2 was hard to develop for, and Microsoft is trying hard to give the PS3 the same reputation. But once non-disclosure agreements expire (probably at the launch of the PS3) we’ll really see how it is to develop for the PS3. The easier, the better, the more games. We’ll see.

7. The PS3 is being redesigned in order to provide the best appearance when standing vertically

Huh? Uh, okay. Somehow I doubt that one.

8. Sony is hoping to have 40 PS3 titles available at launch; the largest launch library in Japanese console history

Good if true, good if true.

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