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Sony to get 61% of Market

Strategy Analytics, a global research and consulting company, says that Sony and Microsoft will sell nearly 200 million next-gen consoles by 2012. They predict that the Xbox 360 will have the lead until 2007, at which point the PS3 will pull ahead. If you think about it, that means that the Xbox 360 will only have the upper hand for just over a year. Sony will launch in the spring of 2007 and will catch up to the 360 in six to eight months. These analysts are good if they know that already! They also eventually expect the PS3 to sell 121.8 million consoles by 2012, with the Xbox 360 to sell 58.8 million, and the Revolution nearly 18 million.

These guys must have really good crystal ball. Hogwarts’ best. Not only do they know how many PS3’s will sell by 2012, they even include a decimal place. Not 122 million, or 121 million, or even a nice round 120 million. But 121 point 8 million. And they don’t stop there! The Xbox 360 has also been analyzed so thoroughly that it gave up its future sales numbers including a decimal place. 58 point 8 million. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s any significance to the 8?

Link: Yahoo! FinanceStrategy Analytics: Sony Will Win 61% Market Share In Next Generation Consoles