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PlayStation Meeting: Sony Signs Epic

Sony has entered a strategic licensing agreement to allow Sony to sublicense Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 framework. The Unreal Engine 3.0 has received quite a bit of attention for its high quality and amazing visuals. This is great step up for PS3 developers, who can now get the engine from Sony. Support will also be provided by Sony, and developers can try the software before they buy it.

As for the engine itself, it will include programmable shader tools, built-in physics, and a GUI-based attribution tool. Additional tools, such as scenario and movie scene development and animation and particle animation tools will be packed-in as well. In its official statement regarding the agreement, Sony states that it considers the programmable shaders the most significant aspect of the entire engine… allowing creators to reproduce photo-realistic images without going through a complicated calculation process. When used in conjunction with the other tools available in the kit, the Unreal 3.0 engine will allow developers to create all sorts of content with general programmers without the added need for specialists.

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