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PlayStation Meeting: PS3 Schedule, Dev Kits

Sony showed off some timelines at the PlayStation Meeting.

Sony Computer Entertainment leader Ken Kutaragi revealed Thursday afternoon his company’s plans to hold a “PlayStation Conference” in Japan in February of 2006. Kutaragi stated that this conference was to be held on the “eve” of the PlayStation 3 launch.

Which suggests, of course, that the PS3 is closing in on a March launch in Japan, just like the PlayStation 2 before it.

And for developers:

Developers are concerned about more than just the time of arrival for the system. The companies that make the Final Fantasys and Dragon Quests want to know when they’ll be getting their development tools so that they can make the games that you’ll be buying at launch and beyond. That’s what the two marks at the bottom of the above chart refer to, indicating the release of the PS3 Evaluation System in Spring of 2005 and the impending release of the PS3 Reference Tool this coming December.

Also in the link below are pictures of PS3 dev kits, past, present, and future.

Link: PS3 IGNPS Meeting 2005: Sony’s PS3 Schedule