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EGM Interview Gives Revolution Details

The latest issue of EGM magazine reveals an interview with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto.

  1. First, Mr. Miyamoto doesn’t think that the Revolution will give up anything to the PS3 or 360 when it comes to graphics. If true, the Revolution’s visuals will be just as lush and complex. This will be a lot easier for the Revolution to accomplish, though, because it doesn’t have to do this at HD resolutions, just 480p.
  2. The DVD player will be optional, but will be well disguised in the system. Says Mr. Miyamoto: “it’s going to go inside the machine so you won’t even (be able to) tell the difference.”
  3. No Ethernet port! This is a hard one to believe. Having dropped the ball on online last time around, I thought for sure they’d get it right this time. But Shigeru does throw us a bone: “(No, it) doesn’t have an Ethernet port. However, through the USB port, it’s possible to have Ethernet with an adapter.”

The rest is just a bunch of evasions. But you have something at least!

Link: nintendophilesEGM Miyamoto Interview