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Xbox 360 Developers Speak

IGN has spoken with several developers about the new Xbox 360 beta kits. Are the beta kits better (and by how much) than what was shown at E3?

The interesting thing is that the Xbox 360 beta kits are actual 360 consoles, though gray and fatter. And the power supply is large enough to pass for a baby elephant if you add a trunk.

The beta kits, though, are new to developers, and that’s just four months from launch! I heard much derision about Sony’s schedule (final dev kits in December) and it’s not that different! Xbox 360 beta kits were supposed to ship in April-May, but actually shipped late June, at about 90% of final power.

One of the most interesting tidbits exposed by IGN is this:

Additionally, all the work that Microsoft has done on the System Guide massively reduces our certification requirements — to about a third of what they are on Xbox 1. To the end user, this means that we can spend much more time working on great gameplay, instead of having to worry about what happens when the player unplugs the game controller and the network cable at the same time he’s plugging in a memory card and dancing in a circle.

Being a software developer myself, I can easily see the benefits of this, and this should really help developers stay focused on the game.

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