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PGR3 Video

I’ve never owned a standard. I’ve always been more of an automatic kind of guy. My first car was an ’83 Buick Regal. I found it quite convenient to put my arm around my girlfriend while driving (the Regal had a middle seatbelt up front) and I liked it.

But recently I’ve had the urge to drive standard. I’m really enjoying driving my car more and more, and think that a standard would do me pretty well. I’m a family guy so we have a sedan and a minivan. But our sedan (a Malibu) is starting to get old so I’m fantasizing about what I could replace it with. The Mazda3 GT is looking mighty fine. Standard. 2.3L engine. Ooooh. One reviewer said that the stickshift was so nice, that’s how BMW would do it if they sold a car at this price. Nice complement.

What the? Maybe not. I can’t afford a new car right now. But I can look at the new PGR3 video shown in Japan recently. And it looks nice!

Link: team XBOXProject Gotham Racing 3: Tokyo WMVHD Trailer
Link: Xbox 360 IGNXbox Summit 2005: Project Gotham Racing 3 Update

Oh, and if anybody can find me a good deal on a charcoal Mazda3 GT, drop me a line. I’m in Ottawa.