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Mini-Open Letter to Sony

Dear Sony,

We love the PlayStation. It simply rocks. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 have brought many hours of gaming fun to me and consumers world over. But the PS1 and PS2 are moving over for the PS3, and Microsoft is pushing hard to become the new console leader with their Xbox 360.

With the spectre of Microsoft forefront in your minds, I humbly submit that you really should fix something with the PS3.

The controller.

Sony, you must admit that the controller shown at E3 has gotten a lot of bad press. Mainly, the criticism is about its looks. But you know, I don’t really think that’s the problem. Many people might complain about its unusual shape, but as long as its comfortable, how it looks doesn’t really matter as long as it doesn’t look terrible. Which it doesn’t. I don’t think that you’ll give us an uncomfortable controller. You’re too good at creating great controllers to do that.

So, more important than the shape, is the seeming lack of improvements over the PS2 controller (outside of the wireless capability). What’s been done to make the PS3 controller better yet? Well, you could take a look at the competition, and take for yourself what good you might find. The trigger buttons on the Xbox and GameCube controllers are exceptional and extremely useful. Racing games like Project Gotham Racing would be so much less without the trigger buttons. Sony must realize how great triggers are, and include triggers on their controller as well. The L2 and R2 buttons could easily be transformed into triggers, and would be a great improvement to an already great controller.

After all the presentations at E3 and PlayStation Meeting, it’s obvious that Sony is working hard to bring great tools to developers. Sony is working hard to bring great games to the PS3 platform. I also ask Sony to improve the PS3 controller by giving it trigger buttons.


Henning Hoffmann