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PS3 May Get 2x or 4x BD Drive

When an optical drive format it released, it’s first speed is the standard 1x speed. Then manufacturers increase speeds to get us 2x, 4x, etc speeds. The Blu-ray spec defines the base 1x speed of the BD format at 36Mbps. According to Josh Peterson of HP (a Blu-ray member), some first generation BD drives will be 2x drives, meaning 72Mbps. And since these drives are releasing in about November, it looks good for the PS3 to have such a drive. And given that the PS3 could launch a half year later, it could even have a 4x drive, or 144Mbps. That’s 18 megabytes a second!

Just imagine what your load time will be like when your own personal BD drive sucks data off the disc at 18 megabytes per second. With the Cell processor powering the PS3, you could have a synthesized human-like voice telling you how long it takes. Imagine a sultry disembodied voice saying “Loading level… uh. Oh. Never mind. Done already. Go ahead and play!”

Link: IGN GEARPS3 May Get 2X or Faster Blu-ray Drive