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Moore talks Xbox 360

Mr. Moore. Not Michael Moore, but Peter Moore. He’s Microsoft’s head of Xbox marketing. And he did an interview with Famitsu magazine including the topic of the Xbox 360 in Japan. (Famitsu gets it all, it seems.)

About the PS3 vs Xbox 360: “while the public sees them as very similar, he thinks Microsoft’s concern lies more in the expansion of the games industry but Sony is trying to push in a different direction”. Eurogamer fails to mention what this “different direction” was. Maybe Moore just didn’t say. The Gamespot coverage of the same interview failed to indicate Sony’s “different direction” either.

According to Moore, Sony’s aim is not the “expansion of the games industry”. Hmmm. Well. Gosh darn it, I guess I can’t buy a PS3 then. Sony doesn’t want to expand the games industry! What a major bummer. I mean, if your aim isn’t to expand the games industry, then what’s left?

Since Moore didn’t say, let’s speculate. What could Sony’s real aim be? Well, they could be trying to make a lot of money to finance a dig to the earth’s core. Or to raise awareness for the plight of three-legged cats. Or say, I think they might just want to rename themselves SEGA. What could Sony’s aim be? Maybe, just maybe, could it be to sell a great gaming console with fun games, making both consumers and Sony’s shareholders happy? Nah…

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