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Should the Xbox 360 use Blu-ray?

It’s a fact of my life right now: covering the war. The war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray has produced interesting thrusts, counter-thrusts, and feints from both sides.

Part of the war is the assumption that Microsoft will use HD-DVD eventually. After all, Bill Gates said that they might do just that. Plus, Microsoft and Toshiba has teamed up on the technology. Headlines like this one saying “Xbox 360 and Playstation 3: Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD” only reinforce the wide-spread belief. Or take’s statement that “Clearly [Microsoft] won’t support Sony’s proprietary Blu-ray technology.” (See my thoughts on recent HD-DVD and Blu-ray happening in this post over at I also discuss this statement made by

So of course Microsoft will choose HD-DVD. Right? But really, why shouldn’t Microsoft choose Blu-ray instead of HD-DVD? Let’s think up a couple reasons why Microsoft should use Blu-ray.

  1. It’s got more storage capacity, and has more potential for more.
  2. It’s backed by the biggest name computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Apple. And Microsoft software runs on machines by two out of those three. Standardization is a good thing, and if all computer companies get behind one standard, the consumer wins.
  3. It would make HDTV enthusiasts happy. If both the PS3 and Xbox 360 supported Blu-ray, then a Blu-ray victory is virtually assured. This would make the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD mercifully short, and will let us get on with our lives. (Though it might give me less to talk about on

Okay, so I could only think of three. But each of those three points are major reasons why Microsoft should adopt Blu-ray. Now, let’s think up some reasons why Microsoft should go HD-DVD.

  1. To be contrarian. Since when does Microsoft do what we want them to do?
  2. It would annoy Toshiba not to.
  3. Bill Gates likes Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers better than Columbia/Tristar, MGM, Disney, and Fox.

Okay, only three again.

So there ya have it. I guess it’s really a tie. Three reasons for each side, so it’s a wash. Microsoft might as well do what everyone expects of them, and stay the course.