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Microsoft’s Peripheral Plans - Pay Up!

Say your car’s stereo is a little bit lacking. So you replace it with a different one. You also give your ride a new paint job, new rims, hubcaps, and velvet seat covers. Say even further that all those people that sold these things for you to use on your car had to pay the manufacturer a fee to do so. Crazy? Or smart?

This kind of thing is a little bit more common in the video game industry, and Microsoft will be getting their nickels for peripherals. Anyone who wants to sell a peripheral for the Xbox 360 will have to have it certified by Microsoft, include a secret code so that it works with the 360, and give Microsoft a share of the money.

Microsoft claims that this is a way to increase the quality of the peripherals sold for the platform. And you know, it may end up being true. Though, it must be said, we don’t know this for sure yet.

But I just don’t like it on the principal of the thing. Microsoft doesn’t get permission from Dell to sell their keyboards and mice for use with Dell computers, do they? Microsoft doesn’t have to go through a Dell certification process, or give Dell a percentage of their hard earned cash, do they?

But this is exactly what Microsoft is asking Xbox 360 peripheral makers to do. And the killer? Microsoft doesn’t even give them the option to be a non-official product. A peripheral maker can’t just create a plain controller with no Microsoft logos or anything, and sell it for use with the Xbox 360. Why? Because the peripheral maker has to add a special something to the controller for the Xbox 360 to recognize it as legitimate! Whatever happened to the free market? Free economy? Free will? The land of opportunity? Microsoft will give you opportunity, as long as you pay for it.

Crazy, just crazy.

Link: News.comDigging profits out of Xbox