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More on PS3 Pricing

I got to thinking about pricing a little more. The other day, Marc Ninthly wrote an article basically saying that the PS3’s eventual high price won’t deter people from buying the PS3. This is for a couple reasons:

  1. Steep prices don’t mean much to those who are gadget obsessed./li>
  2. It includes a BD (Blu-ray Disc) drive which alone is more than worth the price.
  3. Kids will just use every trick in the book to get their parents to buy them one anyway.

I can’t really speak to (3). The demographic of PlayStation players is much more than just kids, and I have no clue if their bargaining power is that good. I know my parents were very good at saying ‘no’.

(1) is an interesting one. Witness the iPod. Also an overpriced gadget. Yet they’re selling really well for Apple. But while I’d really like to own an iPod, I couldn’t justify the cost. So I don’t have one. Even so, the 60GB iPod goes for $399. Which could be the price of the PS3. When compared that way, the PS3 looks like a bargain.

(2) is really alluring. I have an HDTV, so seeing HDTV movies on it will be sweet. The closest I get now is Pay-Per-View, but they rarely have the HD movies I like. So $400 or $450 for an BD player sounds fantastic.

And while we’re comparing prices, did you notice that Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT GPU-based graphics cards are selling now for $449? The 7800 has an Nvidia chip in it that is less powerful than the RSX will be in the PS3. And for $449, you’re just getting a graphics card! Not a whole gaming system. This, again, makes the PS3 look like a bargain.

So if you look at what you’re getting for your money, a high price like $450 doesn’t look so bad after all. Comparing it to other high-tech $450 stuff, the PS3 also comes out smelling like roses. Bur you know, that doesn’t change the fact that $450 is $450. That’s a lot of money for me, because not only do I have to spend the $450 on the PS3, I’d also need to get three more controllers and some games, plus maybe a HDMI-DVI video cable. That’s pushing $800. I need to set up a ‘buy Henning a PS3’ charity fund!