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The Xbox 360 Story

If you’d like a little bit of Xbox 360 history, how it was made, and who was behind it, then today is your day. The Mercury News Interactive has just such a story. One of the most interesting bits I found was this:

But this time, the critical hardware is done. IBM “taped out,” or finished its chip design, on Dec. 8, 2004. ATI finished its graphics chip in November.

The design for the PowerPC Xbox 360 core was finished last year. The design for the ATI graphics chip was finished last year. Those are the kind of lead times you need when building a console. It’s pretty safe to say the Cell is done now, but what about NVIDIA’s RSX? Is it done now? I know it’s not really important, but I’m curious.

Of course, they couldn’t getting in digs at Sony:

This is why Microsoft has been able to ship several thousands software development kits with prototype hardware to game developers. Sony recently said that it had only delivered around 450 kits to developers for the PlayStation 3, which debuts as early as next spring.

Since Sony is releasing a half year later than Microsoft, this is a problem how?

Link: The Mercury NewsA Walk Through The Xbox 360 Evaluation Lab At Microsoft