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The Getaway PS3 by SCE Studios London

The first game in this series, The Getaway, was a visual tour-de-force. It actually mapped a section of London in painstaking detail for you to explore as part of the game. The graphcis were amazing, and people ogled the screenshots long before the game was every released.

Well, the stunning visuals are making a comeback in The Getaway for the PS3. At E3 there was a tech demo, showing off what kind off stuff the PS3 might be capable of. In other words, no actual gameplay. Just a bunch of nice visuals. But they looked great! Cars and buses moving about. Pedestrians walking down the sidewalk or pausing at a railing. The purpose of the demo was to show street life, and it did so very well. The demo placed the camera in the middle of a daytime street setting, and while it was obviously a computer simulation, it was also obviously very good.

Not much more is available at this point.

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