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You Won’t Pay Extra for PS3 Accessories

The Next Generation video games magazine is predicting that console peripheral developers won’t be obliged to pay any licensing fees to Sony like Microsoft will be doing with the Xbox 360.

Sony’s stance has always been that game console peripheral developers could create a peripheral that works with the PlayStation line of consoles and not have to pay Sony anything. Of course, they wouldn’t get to use the PlayStation logo, but their peripherals would still work. This won’t be the case with Microsoft and the Xbox 360, so people have been wondering what Sony’s stance will be once the PS3 hits.

Industry sources close to the issue have indicated that Sony is likely to keep the status quo for PS3 and not require a license and not lock the system with encryption, with the exception of its memory card format. Obviously, this is subject to change, but the best information in front of us from developers and peripheral companies today indicates Sony is happy with the status quo.

I think this is good news both for developers and consumers. It gives a wider range of options to consumers and lower prices too. If you want to avoid a dud peripheral, just research it online first. You don’t need a seal of approval to figure that one out.

Next GenerationPS3 Accessories Likely to Stay ‘Open’