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Bizarre Creations Interview - PGR3

The video game I’m most looking forward to on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is Project Gotham Racing 3 by Bizarre Creations. So anytime a new screenshot or video is released, I immediately check it out to see if there’s anything new to it or if it’s just plain cool.

Well C&VG were lucky enough to secure an interview with Bizarre about the game.

They’re shooting for 80 cars in the game. They figure that’s enough variety to satisfy everyone, and it’s not so much that you won’t get lost in the plethora of options. They noticed how most gamers enjoyed playing supercars and put some emphasis there, but still have five classes of cars. Personally, I could do without the sport utility class, as I never liked racing those potatos on wheels. It was interesting to note that each car takes months for the video game artist (or artists?) to create.

Track-wise, there will be fewer cities to careen about in with reckless abandon. (I love video games!) But they have a great new feature that allows you to create your own path through a city, and save it off as a track.

They’ve also revamped the kudos system a bit so that the computer analyzes your moves to determine how great they really were. The crowd will then react accordingly. Personally, I don’t care much about kudos since they eviscerated them in multiplayer PGR2. Hopefully they’ll make them accessible to multiplayer gamers again.

Unfortunately, as soon as talk came to multiplayer, they immediately started off on Xbox Live. I don’t play the game Xbox Live. I play it at Todd’s place with a few of our friends. Gotham TV will show the best Xbox Live PGR3 players competing in events and more. It looks like tournaments will be a big feature of the game.

Obviously, Bizarre thinks highly of HD gaming, and of course PGR3 will be an HD game. I really look forward to playing it.