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DVD not Enough for 360

Much has been made of the lack of any next-gen optical disc storage in the Xbox 360. Many think it should have included an HD-DVD drive. But that would have required delaying the Xbox 360, and I don’t think Microsoft is much for that. So the Xbox 360 is shipping this fall with a DVD drive, just like the original Xbox did. And Microsoft keeps telling us that this is enough. No need for anything better.

From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi thinks differently. He’s working on Enchant Arm, an Xbox 360 role-playing game. Mr. Takeuchi thinks that developers will run into storage space problems on the Xbox 360.

“The volume of data in Enchant Arms won’t fit into a single DVD. It’s an RPG, so we’re thinking it would be inevitable that we release it on two discs,” says Takeuchi. “But to be honest, that’s even looking grim.”

But really, what can Microsoft do? They’re convinced that the first mover advantage will give them the edge in the coming battle, and so they have to ship the Xbox 360 sans blue lasers.

Does shipping a game on multiple DVDs really make a difference? Are you willing to pay a couple extra bucks for the additional discs?

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