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RSX vs 7800: Cripes!

This is what I get for running a website about the PS3, a system which won’t be released for over half a year. Rumour-busting.

The latest rumour is that the PS3’s RSX chip won’t be as fast as the current 7800. All based on what some guy said would be in PSM magazine, not even providing an exact quote.

Well, I do have an exact quote from David Kirk, the Chief Scientist at NVIDIA. did an interview with him over a month ago, and he’s quoted here:

For those that don’t know, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, the graphics processor in the PlayStation 3 is NVIDIA-designed and is called RSX. How does it compare next to the 7800?

“The two products share the same heritage, the same technology. But RSX is faster,” said Kirk.

Is that good enough for you? Rumour squashed.

bit-tech.netInterview: NVIDIA, RSX and the future

[Update: NVIDIA has spoken. The source was indeed wrong, and NVIDIA has provided an exact quote from the magazine, according to teamXBOX:

There’s no doubting that NVIDIA’s new 7800GTX is the ultimate in PC graphics technology. The card’s G70 GPU, which is more than twice as powerful as two of NVIDIA’s previous top-of-the-line 6800 boards, shares a lot of similar workings with the PS3’s RSX chip – only it isn’t as fast. Oh, and it retails for $599.]