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Heavenly Sword by Ninja Theory

Heavenly SwordNinja Theory started development of Heavenly Sword before they knew what console they were targetting. They said hey, we know that the consoles will be super powerful, so lets take a guess at how powerful they’ll be, and start developing this game on a PC. Later, we’ll move it to a console. That console ended up being the PS3, and Ninja Theory details the arduous journey of finding a publisher for Heavenly Sword.

The PS3 game features a red-haired heroine with a mighty sword. And many other weapons as well. The trailer shows off her many moves in combat against a large numbers of foes, with detailed enemies and destructable environments. The graphics look great, and the animations even better. The heroine does flips through the air, tosses people into one another, and blasts an uber-canon at a horde of evil-doers. It doesn’t look like any of this is in-game, so I wonder how much of what is seen in the trailer will translate to actual gameplay. One thing the developer diary notes is that they had a working demo to show off to potential publishers. I’d love to see what’s in that demo, because this looks like a great game.

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