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Lots of Xbox 360 Details

Eurogamer had a chance to talke to Chris Satchell, general manager of Microsoft’s Game Developer Group. And they’ve dug up a lot of Xbox 360 details I’ve not seen already. There are literally 35 points of interest listed, but I’ll only touch on a few.

“The console can be switched on and off wirelessly using the Media Remote control or the wireless game controller.”

Hey, now that’s cool. If I have a game I play a lot, I can just keep it in my machine, and turn the machine on and off with the controller. Nice touch.

“The System blade offers greater control over your individual settings. You can specify, for example, that you prefer to invert the right analogue stick camera control and this will then be picked up on in any game you play.”

Nice! I hate having to invert the camera control in every game.

“The “ring of light” around the power button highlights which wireless controller is being used, highlighting player one’s activity in the top-left quadrant. When the console is laid on its side, it senses this and starts using the top-left quadrant as you see it with the console laid flat. What’s more, the ring of light motif is spread throughout the Xbox 360 interface, so you can see which player pulled up the “Guide” page as you’re watching a film or playing a game and, in the words of Satchell, “slap him”.”

Just a nifty little thing that’ll make the Xbox 360 experience consistent.

“DVDs can be played even if you don’t have the remote control, unlike Xbox 1.”


“iPods are detected by default, as are PSPs, and by our watch it took about 2 or 3 seconds for the Xbox 360 to notice they were there. With an iPod plugged in you can play music direct through the Dashboard software, with visualisations, or you can play a slideshow of photographs.”

Cool stuff. I wish I had an iPod or PSP…

Eurogamer – Xbox 360: Lots And Lots Of Questions Answered