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Microsoft’s Strange Definition of HD

In an interview about the two SKU’s Microsoft will ship for the Xbox 360, Scott Henson is asked about the lack of HD cables in the Core system. The question and answer are here:

In the HD Era, the Xbox 360 (Core system) comes with a standard AV cable!? Shouldn’t both SKUs come with the Xbox 360 Component HD-AV Cable that has both composite and component video cables plus stereo audio and optical sound connectors? Isn’t this just going to slow down the eventual transition to the HD-era as Xbox 360 is pushing to introduce?

Scott Henson: We want the high definition gaming experience to be available to anyone that wants it – no matter the capabilities of their TV set at home – standard definition or high definition.

For us, high-definition gaming is much more than the resolution of the graphics and fidelity of the audio. We think HD gaming experiences are always connected and always personalized. The AV cable that comes with the Xbox 360 Core System is for our customers who don’t have an HDTV yet. Games on Xbox 360 are optimized for HD, which also makes them look spectacular in standard definition, and you don’t need a component cable for that. Ultimately, it’s about offering our customers choice.

Mr. Henson thinks that HD means “always connected and always personalized”. What the? What’s that got to do with HD? And he also says that since Xbox 360 games are optimized for HD, that fact makes the games look spectacular in SD. I’m wracking my brains trying to think of a way this may be true, and my brain isn’t being very forthcoming.

Aside: Mr. Henson also have a strange concept of what an HDD is. He says that the HDD “will ultimately be used for more than storage”. It’s amazing to hear that the HDD will be able to do stuff besides store content. Just amazing!

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