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Xbox 360 Final Dev Kits Arrive

Developers finally have final Xbox 360 dev kits less than three months before the console release. (I think it’s safe to assume it’ll launch before Dec. 6th.)

Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer at Epic Games, has updated his developer blog revealing that the final version of the Xbox 360 XeDK (Xenon Development Kit) has arrived. This means that developers now finally have the same silicon found in the retail Xbox 360 consoles that will be available to consumers this Fall.

Developers will continue to receive software updates but now they are working with final hardware, which means they can obtain final benchmarks to fully optimize their code and take advantage of the Xbox 360’s three symmetrical cores (each running at 3.2 GHz) and custom ATI graphics chip.

We also hope to see Xbox 360 games running on final hardware soon, probably at the Tokyo Game Show and definitely at the X05 show in early October.

team XBOX – Final Xbox 360 Xenon Development Kits Arrive